Vets Football

Actonians have 2 veterans football teams (Saturday & Sunday vets)

Both teams are training at Actonians Boddington Gardens on Wednesdays from 19.00 – 20.00

Games are played Saturday and Sundays

Sunday Vet’s Fixtures 2018/19

2nd September Kenchel   Away

9th September Meadhurst   Away

30th September Harrods   Away

18th November Burlington V  Home

25th November Kew   Home

2nd December IMP – (TBC) Home

9th December NPL – (TBC) Home

16th December Kenchel  Home

6th January  Sutton V (new) Away

27th January  Harrods  Home

3rd February  Sutton V  Home

17th February Meadhurst  Home

10th March  Kew   Away

24th March  Burlington  Away

Contact Numbers

Lou 07845 297 044

Alan 07950 226 803

Bob 07768 394 649